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A unique combination of Integrative Health Coaching, Movement & Mindfulness.  

Empower yourself for healthy change through community support, movement, mindfulness and integrative health coaching.  This program empowers individuals and the group via a holistic approach to Health + Happiness and equips you with a creative, personal process for modifying health behaviors and habits.

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Part 1 – Building A Foundation for Change

Have you ever enjoyed successful lifestyle change?  Of course, you have!  Was it easy?  Mostly likely not.  We all experience our personal hiccups which either slow us down or completely derail us.  If your tendency is to jump in with both feet and soon lose interest, this may be the solution for you.  In each session, we focus on critical aspects of building a foundation for sustainable, lifestyle change.  


Session Themes

21 Sept – Awareness + Focus

28 Sept – Radiance + Vision

05 Oct  – Strength + Goal


What You Get

  • Self-Assessment of your current and desired Health + Happiness
  • Clear statement/vision of your ideal Health + Happiness
  • Focus to begin achieving your vision
  • Personal goal(s) to begin your journey
  • Supportive community
  • Lifelong process to create a foundation for future change
  • One optional private coaching session included

Join us as we pay attention to you!  Where are you now?  What are your strengths? Without concern of how to get there, what is your ideal future?  Where do you want to be?  Diving into these questions creates a strong, meaningful foundation for change.  Let’s create a goal(s) and stick with it!

Your Integrative Health Coach

Meg Poe, the Coaching Yogi, will lead you through this 6+ week getting unstuck adventure.  Meg is a Duke Certified Integrative Health Coach, Mindfulness Instructor, Yogi, Movement Instructor, and lots of other things.  Learn more about her on her website.  Check out her lifelong journey from stuck to sticky.

“Most clients find this to be the toughest part of change and the most valuable.  We are doers.  It makes sense.  You must do something to create change.  We “do” things in this three-session workshop but the doing is more of an exploration.  Through movement, mindfulness and Integrative Health Coaching we explore change a bit more deeply and create a greater opportunity for success.”


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