5 Upcoming Events for Durham Creatives

We love community even if it’s outside our spaceship. We’re casting a light from our little ship onto all the other magical ventures going on round town. GeekCraft Expo If you love superheroes, comics, movies, or video games, GeekCraft Expo is the event for you. We are talking about wall to wall nerdom where you [...]

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Don’t Fight The Data

Somewhere along the way I heard a saying, “You can’t know what you don’t measure and you can’t change what you don’t know.” Over the years of being self-employed, I have become very reliant on data about my business. I keep a spreadsheet with multiple tabs, including a goals tab and a summary [...]

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The Worth of Your Work

One of the biggest challenges that creative independents face as they build their businesses is pricing and invoicing. It’s uncomfortable. It feels made up. The general ickiness in deciding and then having to tell someone how much money they owe you (or will owe you) can seem inescapable. But with the right [...]

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Sustainability: balancing money and meaning

When you're doing independent or creative work, it's maddening to try to figure out what success looks like. Have you reached success when you can earn some extra spending money? Or when you quit your day job? Or is it when you can take tropical vacations? Internally, we tend to think about success as a [...]

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Our First Supper Club

As you may have heard, in June we launched a brand new event series here at The Mothership called Supper Club. It's a bit of a spin off of another event, Member Brunch, that we've been hosting for our members for years and has come to be a an important source of rhythm, [...]

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Best Laid Plans (For Making $$)

I was in the middle of a workout video recently when Jillian Michaels said “Pain is fear leaving the body.” I chuckled to myself, thinking about how people wear that on tshirts and how dumb of a thing it is to say. But then, and stick with me here, I realized that [...]

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The Space Between Starting and Arriving

A year after I graduated I was at my college homecoming when a drunken undergraduate approached to congratulate me on how amazing I was for owning my own business. As I tried to gently adjust his image of how ‘well I was doing,’ I found I actually had no idea how to [...]

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Design Your Life

The way I see it, one of the great tragedies of the Social Media Era in which we find ourselves is the daily confrontation with curated and edited versions of other peoples’ lives. While this is great for staying in touch with old friends and finding out what weird new thing [...]

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Today We Talk About Money

It seems like American culture is captivated by the idea of entrepreneurship more than ever. We love startups, we love self-made Youtube celebs, and we fawn over our favorite Etsy seller’s Instagram account. We’ve read the 4 Hour Work Week and all the blog posts about how you can do what you [...]

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How To Begin Part 2: Finding The Courage

“We all begin the process before we are ready, before we are strong enough, before we know enough; we begin a dialogue with thoughts and feelings that both tickle and thunder within us. We respond before we know how to speak the language, before we know all the answers, and before we know [...]

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