It seems like American culture is captivated by the idea of entrepreneurship more than ever. We love startups, we love self-made Youtube celebs, and we fawn over our favorite Etsy seller’s Instagram account. We’ve read the 4 Hour Work Week and all the blog posts about how you can do what you love and get paid to be you.

If you haven’t tried starting your own business yet it seems so seductive. Perhaps something that you “should be” doing with your life, like, one day. And if you have taken the leap into self-employment, all the hype makes you feel sort of behind, maybe sometimes sort of confused and incapable because it doesn’t feel nearly as good as the narrative you were sold.

We’d like to help tell the real, regular-people version of the story of entrepreneurship and self-employment, the one that is not as much about the hype or the hustle, but the one that’s about finding balance, working with doubt, finding time to celebrate, and dealing with the fear that comes with shouting into the void.

That’s why this month (and in the months to come) we’ve decided to have a very open conversation about MONEY.

Starting your own business is not magic; most of the time it’s not even very complicated. But it is difficult. A lot of the difficulty boils down to a single, hard question that sticks with you like a rock in your shoe: “Can I sustain myself doing this?”

Talking about money is taboo. We feel anxiety about it. We feel pretty judgy about it. It touches our self worth, our sense of safety, our perceptions of success and doing “what’s right.” The opaqueness around money leaves many entrepreneurs (and many people) struggling to answer basic questions on their own, questions that could probably be answered by their neighbor, their colleague, or their “competition.” It leaves us chasing a goal without a map or compass.

So, this month we’ll be diving into the ca$h money, and finding some shared landmarks by talking about our own stories, talking about sustainability, debt, day-jobs, attitudes, wealth and more. Join us.