As you may have heard, in June we launched a brand new event series here at The Mothership calledĀ Supper Club. It’s a bit of a spin off of another event, Member Brunch, that we’ve been hosting for our members for years and has come to be a an important source of rhythm, connection, and support for our members. We loved Member Brunch so much that we wanted to create another opportunity for people to gather and connect (and eat!). Supper Club is different from Member Brunch in a few ways. 1. It’s open to all community members as well as members of The Mothership. 2. We focus the conversation around a particular topic. 3. There is a much more sophisticated and decadent culinary element, including a themed vegan meal by Hayley Booterbaugh and a specialty coffee experience by Joy Snyder.

We are very grateful to have had the talented Justin Cook capture our first event. Enjoy the photos below and click here for information and to register for our next event on August 10th, which will fit right into our current theme of money. The focus of the evening will be Money: Giving and Receiving Livelihood. See you there!