The days are still hot but we’ve crossed into fall now. The slow shifts between seasons reminds me of how slow most changes feel as they are happening –how often are changes imperceptible until long afterward?

Have you crossed over any thresholds in your work life this year? How do you know?

I was recently reminded of the wonderful metric of “Conditions of Satisfaction” (used by generative somatics). These are specific markers that can keep us both aligned in how we are doing our work and insure that we are reaching our goals. It’s one thing to have a goal, but our conditions of satisfaction help us to be specific about how we know once we’ve reached the goal. 

I love the language of satisfaction. Many of the goals we set out toward have a way of shape shifting throughout the process. Asking ourselves, “Am I satisfiable?” and “What would I need to feel satisfied?” helps to clarify and keep what is most important in view throughout the process. It’s also a way to slow down or counter the hustle culture –not to jump from one goal plateau to the next without acknowledgement. Working from a place of “never enough” drains. Knowing what satisfies us and truly celebrating once we reach that point, in big or small ways, energizes.


What are your conditions of satisfaction?




Don’t Bother The Earth Spirit
Joy Harjo (Poet Laureate)

“Don’t bother the earth spirit who lives here. She is working on a story. It is the oldest story in the world and it is delicate, changing. If she sees you watching she will invite you in for coffee, give you warm bread, and you will be obligated to stay and listen. But this is no ordinary story. You will have to endure earthquakes, lightning, the deaths of all those you love, the most blinding beauty. It’s a story so compelling you may never want to leave; this is how she traps you. See that stone finger over there? That is the only one who ever escaped.”