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“We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.”
-Marshall McLuhan

As the relevance of social media creeps further into the many aspects of our lives, it’s important to increase our understanding of it as a tool, and how to use it to our best advantage.

In this class we ask questions that will lead us into developing an informed, authentic, and “successful” social media practice. We will look at what compels us to share, we will explore our personal aesthetics and voice, our narrative, our goals, and our presence. The task of this class is to look squarely at the state of social media and find a space for our identity and our businesses amidst the complicated landscape. We’ll cover terms and conditions, bad habits, incredible stories, and traditional marketing ‘best practices.’ At the end of this class, you should leave with a concrete personal philosophy or set of guidelines you have built throughout the course.