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Join us every second Thursday for Supper Club, a thematic meal experience to find what feeds us in our work and life. Each month we explore a different theme (details below) that digs into what it takes to be a human and an entrepreneur*. The entire meal experience, including the food itself, is crafted around the theme.

Space is limited to 10 people for this focused discussion, vegan meal, and specialty coffee experience. Registration is $45 for members (and your +one can get the member rate too) and $55 for non-members. Registration closes Tuesday night (8/8).

Bring more good conversation and nourishment into our life.


* We at The Mothership use a very expansive definition of “entrepreneur” –honoring that the path looks as unique as the individual walking it. Our Supper Club is for anyone wanting to ask good questions about the way they work, and the way their work and life might feel more aligned.



(Summer schedules didn’t align for the July Supper, so we’re coming back in August with the same theme!)

Money – Giving and Receiving Livelihood

What does a healthy relationship to money look like in daily life? And if our relationship to money isn’t great, are there mindset shifts or daily practices that might make if feel good? If you’re self-employed, do you charge what you’re worth? Or on the other side, do you spend money on yourself (or your business) well? How can the process of giving and receiving generate a more nourishing understanding of our day-to-day exchanges. What does a balanced budget feel like, especially when there are more complex resource exchanges at play beyond actual cash flow?

Money, value, worth, livelihood, sustainability –all very charged words. There is no one right way to be in these money questions but we are going there anyway! Our time together will explore and expand our money imaginations, drawing out the insights of our experience. Come with your unique money questions. Let’s do some real talk.


Menu Teaser –

We are practicing tuning into the flow of energy in our edible landscape, connecting with abundance from local producers and finding inspiration in the surplus. This meal is inspired by the colorful explosion of summer crops awakening all around us. Roasted eggplant and homemade yellow tomato sauce, with tomatoes from South Wind Farm from vine to stock pot, fresh oregano and basil over homemade pasta noodles. Served with quick pickled vegetables, olives, and fresh herbs. Paired with zucchini cucumber gazpacho to cool the fire and ease the belly.

The meal will be followed by a refreshing decaf iced coffee with sparkling water and a shrub made with local blueberries, peaches and basil.


Thematic Meal presented by Hayley Booterbaugh

Hayley explores and studies the process of creative expression through somatic bodywork, cooking, writing, and improvisational dance. She experiments in the kitchen at least once a day, continually inspired by failures as much as successes, the alchemy of plant medicine, and local ingredients. She is intrigued by the art of observation, specifically with regard to food, movement, and communication, as a crucial and mystical part of community building and spontaneous healing.


Coffee Experience presented by Joy Snyder

Joy is a Durham native dedicated to the craft of making and serving coffee. She has worked in various cafes in the Triangle for the past eight years and is currently pursuing opening her own cafe. When not dreaming about the future, she can be found during regular hours at Monuts or teaching yoga at Durham Yoga.


Registration is Closed. Join us next month on September 14th.