Our first encounter with The Mothership was while running our previous businesses, Mercury Studio and The Makery. After years of serving our creative communities we were moved by the fact that with just a little space and encouragement, people from all walks of life can be creators of remarkable value. The Mothership is made to be a platform, resource, and a gathering place. We hold this space for you, both physical and ineffable, to do good work, well.


We want to live in a world where anyone with an idea meant to improve the world might find a place where they are welcomed, heard, supported, and cheered, and where both their successes and their failures are met with celebration because both mean that they are trying.

We sustain a deep belief in the intersection of passion, livelihood, and community and refuse to accept a world where the worth of an idea, a business, or a person is calculated based on scalability and profit potential, but rather, the progress it makes toward building a culture of radical acceptance.



“I love to empower people to be fully themselves and am always struck by how simple this is to do and what a profound impact it has on people’s lives. I cofounded The Mothership to give people an accepting community to help them love themselves enough to follow their dreams.

I’m interested in: Creative problem-solving, improving systems, and helping people visualize their path forward.

I also perform rock and roll and dabble in real estate.”


“I blend the line between self development and professional development because it is the wellbeing of the person at the center of the work that shapes sustainability. I cofounded The Mothership because I believe that the spaces we live in and the relationships we hold have the ability to increase our resiliency.

I’m interested in: Community development, business integrity, generative conflict, and space-making.

I also write poems and am a bodyworker and somatic educator.”


“I’m drawn to the energy people experience when they are fully affirmed, and work to create spaces for people to experiment, dream, and expand their personal boundaries. I cofounded The Mothership to try out a new way of being and making outside the status quo, and to invite others to do the same.

I’m interested in: Sharing stories, using the web in interesting ways, creating events, and visioning the future.

I also code. I build hardware and software projects, technology art, and fun times.”