Surprised Out of Assumptions

I’ve got my windows open in my house now. My kid and I keep seeing a hawk who lives in or at least visits one of the trees behind our house in the morning. The hawk’s voice sounds like a seagull, surprising and nothing like we thought it would sound like. Curious. How many things [...]

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Conditions of Satisfaction

The days are still hot but we’ve crossed into fall now. The slow shifts between seasons reminds me of how slow most changes feel as they are happening –how often are changes imperceptible until long afterward? Have you crossed over any thresholds in your work life this year? How do you know? I was recently [...]

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Work-life Shift

Happy Fall Equinox! Our Sun has officially crossed the celestial equator, nights will become increasingly longer than days as we move through fall toward the longest night. But for now we have a feeling of balance between night and day.  I care about balance and harmony and equity and seeing all sides of a thing, [...]

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Durham Writers’ Salon

This is a guest post by Allison Kirkland Part of the reason that I joined the Mothership is because I am an extrovert who is good at introverted jobs (like editing and lesson planning) and working from home drained all my energy. That’s also one of the reasons I love running the monthly Durham Writers’ [...]

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On Disconnecting

Yes. We are writing about disconnecting from the internet, on the internet. The irony is not lost on us.   “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” — Anne Lamott   There are several factors that keep us glued to our devices and work besides the proven [...]

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Freedom is Free

This is a guest post by Marcella Camara. To be transparent, I didn’t come up with the name “Freedom is Free” by myself. I take much pride in coining the name “Young, Gifted, and Broke,” but the credit for Freedom is Free lies in the hands of Mexican-American indie rock band Chicano Batman. It’s the [...]

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How to Network While Staying Genuine

Ever felt just a little bit icky about networking? You’re not alone. (Shout out to all the introverts!) Going to networking events can be one of those activities you know you should be doing but either don’t know how or don’t know where to start. Below we’ve outlined some of our best practices to make [...]

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6 Insider Tips for New Members

Our spaceship has a few tricks you may have not heard of (besides the tractor beams and lasers, of course). Whether you’re new to The Mothership or have been around for years – we think you’ll be surprised to learn a few insider hacks to make the most of the space. […]

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5 Upcoming Events for Durham Creatives

We love community even if it’s outside our spaceship. We’re casting a light from our little ship onto all the other magical ventures going on round town. GeekCraft Expo If you love superheroes, comics, movies, or video games, GeekCraft Expo is the event for you. We are talking about wall to wall nerdom where you [...]

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Don’t Fight The Data

Somewhere along the way I heard a saying, “You can’t know what you don’t measure and you can’t change what you don’t know.” Over the years of being self-employed, I have become very reliant on data about my business. I keep a spreadsheet with multiple tabs, including a goals tab and a summary [...]

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